General Services

Laser Surgery

We invested in a CO2 laser to use for our surgical procedures. Laser surgery involves the use of a laser instead of a scalpel blade which allows for better hemostasis (control of bleeding) during procedures and a safer, more comfortable experience for our patients. Using the laser, we are also able to perform quick skin tag and wart removals.

Computerized Records

We utilize an entirely computerized record system which keeps our practice running more efficiently and allows us to better serve our clients and patients. We are quickly able to reprint important certificates and forms if any part of your pet's record is lost or gets misplaced. We can also email copies of records or other forms as well as procedure estimates directly to our clients.

End of Life Services

We understand how difficult it can be to say goodbye to a beloved pet. We offer end of life services including humane euthanasia, cremation services, and clay paw prints. Call us today if you would like to speak to our veterinary staff about this decision and get more information on associated costs.

Emergency Care

For after hours emergencies, please contact Affiliated Emergency Veterinary Service: 11850 Aberdeen Street NE, Blaine, MN 55449. (763) 754-5000

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Medical Services

Surgical Services


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